Statement by Brent Hanlon RE: SB 386 High Speed Rail Safety Act

Posted on January 17, 2017

Statement by CARE FL Steering Committee Chairman Brent Hanlon

RE: SB 386 High Speed Rail Safety Act

Jupiter, Florida—Today, Senator Debbie Mayfield filed Senate Bill 386 to create a high speed passenger rail safety act.  Representatives MaryLynn Magar, Gayle Harrell and Erin Grall also filed a house companion.  Brent Hanlon, chair of Citizens Against Rail Expansion in Florida issued the following statement.

“On behalf of the members of Citizens Against Rail Expansion in Florida and concerned residents in the Treasure Coast region, we thank and applaud Sen. Mayfield and Reps. Magar, Harrell and Grall for filing legislation to protect our safety and well-being.  The thoughtful measure specifically addresses Florida’s current unacceptable lack of any law or regulation governing high speed rail safety.

“What many Floridians do not realize is that All Aboard Florida (AAF) plans to send up to 32 high-speed passenger trains barreling through our small communities each day, negatively affecting thousands of school children, first responders, pedestrians and residents. As if that’s not enough, they also plan to add additional freight trains that may carry hazardous materials, increasing the risk for something to go wrong. And to top it all off, AAF wants us to pay for the cost of maintaining the upgrades necessary to protect ourselves from these dangerous trains. This important legislation will ensure that AAF is solely responsible for the cost of upgrading and installing the appropriate safety measures desperately needed at high-speed rail crossings, protecting not only the safety and well-being of Treasure Coast residents, but our pocketbooks as well.

“Sen. Mayfield and Reps. Magar, Harrell and Grall fully understand the negative impact the AAF project would have on our communities if allowed to move forward as planned, and have taken commendable action today to not only put sensible state wide and not project specific regulations in place to enhance public safety, but to alleviate the financial burden that would have been placed squarely on the backs of our local governments as well.”

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