Here's one way to curtail railroad deaths, but experts say it's pricey

Posted on February 17, 2018

There’s an extra safety tool to stave off the rash of train fatalities in South Florida: a souped-up version of crossing gates that provide even more security for the public.

Nearly 60 of these barriers known as “quad gates” are scheduled to soon be installed across Broward and Palm Beach counties, along the corridor where the new higher-speed Brightline trains began running a month ago.

Crossings normally have one or two gates to tell the public it’s time to stop. Quad gates go farther: They cover all corners of an intersection, making it more challenging for anyone to get past them.

But there are dozens of other crossings along the same span of tracks not getting them. Why? Transit experts say it can largely come down to the expense. It could cost in the ballpark of a half-million dollars for a quad gate at a crossing, while installing a traditional gate is a fraction of the price...

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