A closer look at the route, financing for the Texas Bullet Train

Posted on February 20, 2018

Texas High Speed Rail is on track to revolutionize travel between Houston and Dallas, but it's not without controversy. Hundreds of people came to public meetings earlier this month to protest the plans. We are taking a closer look at the route and how it will differ from other passenger trains.

A 90-minute trip between Houston and Dallas is no longer just a dream, it's a plan, complete with a detailed route that cuts through 10 Texas counties. From there, the train makes the journey through half a dozen rural counties, west of I-45, running along existing electrical transmission lines. It then stops in Grimes County at Highway 30 and Highway 90, providing a direct link for College Station, Texas A&M and Sam Houston State. The journey continues south through the northeast corner of Waller County, then into Harris County, running roughly parallel Highway 290 on its approach to Houston. The train will dock at a brand new station where Northwest Mall currently stands, at 610 and 290, along Hempstead Highway, near the Galleria area.

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