Statement by CARE FL Steering Committee Chairman Brent Hanlon RE: Federal Court Ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Cooper

Posted on May 10, 2017

Statement by CARE FL Steering Committee Chairman Brent Hanlon
RE: Federal Court Ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Cooper 

Case No. l • 15-cv-00632 (CRC)

This evening Judge Cooper dismissed the case filed by Martin and Indian River Counties after the US DOT withdrew the $1.75 billion PAB allocation that was challenged by both Counties as well as CARE FL members and plaintiffs, Mike Ferdinandi and Tom Hewitt.

Although the case was dismissed by Judge Cooper after the US DOT withdrew its PAB application -- the ruling includes a severe warning to US DOT should it issue another PAB request for the AAF project without first complying with the nation’s environmental laws, stating “if DOT were to do so, Plaintiffs could readily call it to the carpet by renewing their lawsuits in this Court.”

“CARE FL congratulates Martin and Indian River Counties for their legal efforts and considers this lawsuit a RESOUNDING WIN for the residents of the Treasure Coast and North Palm Beach regions. AAF’s insatiable need for public subsidies continues and the decision in this matter doesn’t advance their quest.” Martin County Board of County Commissioners Indian River County.

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