Letter: Haddox’s fight against All Aboard Florida is one good reason to re-elect him

Posted on June 25, 2016

K.C. Ingram Traylor, Palm City

Letter: Haddox's fight against All Aboard Florida is one good reason to re-elect him

All Aboard Florida threatens our economy, home values, safety and more. Martin County Commissioner John Haddox is leading the charge in this county to stop this debacle.

Haddox attended the first rally against AAF in 2014, and his opposition has never wavered. Martin County will greatly benefit with his continued leadership on the commission.

Haddox spearheaded funding the legal battle against AAF in Martin County and brought the issue to the commission floor for a vote.

Make no mistake, AAF has been slowed in its tracks, and Haddox will not rest until it is stopped.

For those who believe AAF is a done deal, promoters first purported to start operations by the end of 2014. It is mid-2016.

In fact, AAF has scaled back a project start date until 2017 for the West Palm Beach-Miami segment with our area "following."

AAF is still seeking almost $2 billion in funding. It is still seeking permits. Clearly, it is not a done deal.

This election is critical; we need to keep those in office who are willing to face Goliath and not back down. Haddox is that person in District 5.

In addition, Haddox has supported small businesses and understands the value of encouraging businesses that provide good-paying jobs. He understands businesses must be supported, not constrained, by a heavy-handed government.

Haddox strives to work with the pro-growth and no-growth sides. He is ethical, and more importantly, takes great care to make himself knowledgeable about all sides of an issue. I proudly support him and hope you will as well on Aug. 30.

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