Freight train derails near downtown Orlando

Posted on June 8, 2016

ORLANDO, Fla. —CSX is working to determine why one of its trains derailed early Wednesday morning in Orlando.

Five fully loaded freight cars hauling crushed rock came off the tracks around 4 a.m.

Surveillance video showed the train slowing while moving through the Pineloch Avenue crossing and then coming to a sudden stop. Nobody was injured.

Transportation officials still need to inspect the track and repair damages, but that can’t be done until the freight cars are removed.

At the Sand Lake SunRail station, there were nearly half hour delays.

SunRail rider Chris Lambert said he was late getting to work and late getting home. “It’s a little frustrating, first day on a new job. They weren't too happy about it,” he said.

The freight train derailed on a middle track reserved for deliveries, next to two tracks used by SunRail.

With one being used for repairs, SunRail is using the northbound track for its trains traveling between Orlando Health and Sand Lake Road.  The crossing, in the center of a warehouse district, needs to be repaired and is expected to reopen Thursday.

Meanwhile, those who work and drive through the area are forced to find alternate routes.

The freight train, headed from Baldwin to Taft, was not hauling any hazardous material. CSX said it will look at the condition of the tracks, among other things, to determine how this occurred.

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