Letter: We already are ‘quiet zone’; we’ll fight to keep it that way

Posted on May 21, 2016

Ronald Renner, Stuart

Letter: We already are 'quiet zone'; we'll fight to keep it that way

As an interior designer and author of a book "Secrets to Decorating and Moving to Florida," my business has led many newcomers and vacationers to the Treasure Coast as a beautiful, peaceful, quiet place to live, work and play. Our Treasure Coast has always been the "Quiet Zone."

So, we get to pay more taxes to fund all the extras, like quiet zones and safe crossings, and yet we stand to lose the amenities that brought us here.

Businesses and property owners must oppose All Aboard Florida. The planned route will have a devastating effect on the Treasure Coast including the boating and fishing community.

The traffic in our towns is already a problem without AAF's intrusion. Commissioners and taxing authorities say property values would decline.

Downtowns in Stuart, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Fort Pierce and many other venues for restaurants, shops, cottages, rental properties, condominiums and hotels would also feel the effect.

Former Port St. Lucie mayor Bob Minsky states, "All Aboard Florida threatens life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

I agree with Bob Poller, who says, "Move the trains west and save our cities."

AAF President Michael Reininger recently stated, "The company (AAF) would be thrilled" eventually have a Treasure Coast stop. Naturally he would be; however, thousands of us do not want a stop or quiet zones to muffle noise from high-speed trains.

If property values do go down and businesses are forced to shut down, All Aboard Florida, the Florida East Coast Railway and the Fortress Group will face direct legal action for losses incurred.

All Aboard Florida needs to submit an alternative plan quickly.

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