Letter: Who’s on our side in AAF battle? Not Tallahassee cronies

Posted on April 18, 2016

Bill Furr, Vero Beach

Letter: Who's on our side in AAF battle? Not Tallahassee cronies

Gov. Scott and his pols in Tallahassee wonder why Donald Trump won decisively in their home state. All the folks who represent the great majority of Floridians can't afford the millions being spent to influence decisions by so many politicians on the issue of AAF's effort to get approval of their dozens of daily passenger trains coming through their communities.

When the pols approve AAF's various requests, they will tell us the millions spent on them made no difference. Please. Give us a little credit.

Fortunately Sen. Joe Negron and Commissioner Bob Solari and our county commissioners have not subscribed to their undue influence. They continue to fight for an acceptable alternative or outright rejection.

Those of us who do not have the ability to spend millions to gain influence need to remember who is on our side.

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