Letter: Treasure Coast feeling used by All Aboard Florida wheeler-dealers

Posted on April 18, 2016

Susan Eilenberg, Jensen Beach

Letter: Treasure Coast feeling used by All Aboard Florida wheeler-dealers

Rich Campbell seems bewildered as to why so many Treasure Coast residents feel compelled to battle All Aboard Florida to the bitter end. I can't speak for everyone, but I'll gladly explain my own feelings.

There is something special about our little world here. Part of what makes it so special is our lagoon, which is being destroyed year after year, no thanks to our governor and other elected officials with sugar-lined pockets.

It will be a little less special living here when the entire lagoon is polluted beyond use.

Our special place is now about to be destroyed in yet another way. High-speed passenger train service racing through our quiet, little coastal communities combined with additional freight trains, is not an imminent future for us unless we simply give up.

These clowns and their spokespeople seem to think they can give us a pat on the head, a lollipop of a "safety zone" here and there, and send us on our way, while they continue to throw money to the tune of $3 million at corrupt politicians and decision-makers to buy their way into our backyards.

So, our options? Roll over and play dead and let their sleazy tactics "railroad" us? Or stand up and fight for what is right?

If we don't go all the way, then we are making it that much easier for the next bunch of users who come along, for whatever their self-serving plans for our region might be.

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