Letter: The fight against All Aboard Florida is worth the cost

Posted on February 16, 2016

Bob Solari, Vero Beach

Letter: The fight against All Aboard Florida is worth the cost

Life certainly teaches different people different lessons.

Based on Rich Campbell's recent column, apparently life has taught him that if a fight gets difficult, especially if it costs you a few dollars, you quit.

Life has taught me a different lesson. If something threatens to destroy what you love, you fight with all the resources available to you.

When my wife, Jackie, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer I did not say that I would only fight so hard and spend only so much. My response was to use every past experience and every resource available to fight the best battle possible. Fortunately we won that battle.

Many others have lost their battles with cancer or other diseases, but I do not know one person, fighting for a loved one, who in the end lost the battle, and later regretted the use of any resources they used to fight the fight while their loved one was still alive.

Now comes All Aboard Florida threatening the life of our community. Indian River County has allocated 1 percent of one year's annual budget to fight the fight. Just 1 percent of one year's budget to oppose a project that almost all our residents know will destroy the community we love.

I could live with using all of my efforts and every available resource to protect our community, even if in the end we lost the fight. What I could not live with is losing the fight but knowing that there was more that I could have done while the battle was being waged.

I do not know what Campbell believes, but I believe that if somebody or some community is worth loving, then that person or community, even if the cost is great, is worth the fight.

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