Letter: Executives tried to sell residents on the benefits of their trains

Posted on February 2, 2016

BY: Dick Sievinen, Stuart

Letter: Executives tried to sell residents on the benefits of their trains

All Aboard Florida presidents Michael Reininger and Rusty Roberts rode into town to sell us on operating 32 passenger trains daily along the Treasure Coast. The big sell included town hall meetings that were nothing more than silent auctions, where company note takers took notes and residents weren't allowed to express their opinions,.

Treasure Coast residents were assured that it is the country's first privately owned, operated and maintained $2.25 billion passenger rail system when in fact they have solicited and used government subsidies. They have continually missed government deadlines only to get more time to fulfill the requirements. News reports and letters to the editor have pointed out that they misspeak and tell tall tales that is a manifestation that they continue to operate in a forest of hypocrisy.

The situation was so dire that they have rebranded and changed the company's name to Brightline Trains. What Brightline doesn't want to do is shine any light on its freight business. The Port of Miami spent more than $1 billion on capital infrastructure projects. This completion of the port's Deep Dredge and Intermodal On-Dock Rail project is a major milestone to increasing trade with Asia. Port Miami will benefit from this shift in trade from West Coast to East Coast ports.

The CEO of the Panama Canal Authority is certain that cooperation achieved through the Deep Dredge and the Panama Canal expansion projects will boost international trade as this will allow the new Super Post Panamax megaships to enter Port Miami. Once cargo and hazardous materials make their way to our shores they must be moved north for distribution. There will always be safety issues to deal with. We receive no benefit. Only the responsibility to clean up and pay for hazardous waste spills that may result from accidents.

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