WPTV News: Commissioners in Indian River, Martin counties seek to use millions to fight All Aboard Florida

Posted on February 17, 2015

By Chris Stewart, Elizabeth Harrington


Leaders in two Treasure Coast counties will ask for millions Tuesday to help stop the plan to run 32 trains a day between Orlando and Miami.


Commissioners in Indian River County and Martin County are expected to ask for money to help pay for possible legal action against All Aboard Florida.


Martin County commissioner John Haddox is expected to ask the Martin County board to set aside $1 million to fight the plan.


Indian River County Commissioner Bob Solari will ask the board to set aside 1 percent of the county’s budget, about $2.5 million to address issues with All Aboard Florida, namely a lawsuit.


Many Treasure Coast residents have expressed their disapproval of more than 30 high speed trains passing through without stopping in their county.  The trains would only stop in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.


But time could be running out for those against the project.  Construction has already started on the rail station in West Palm Beach.


The trains are expected to start running in 2016.

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