02/26: Dr. John Friedman on The Joyce Kaufman Show

Posted on February 26, 2015

Listen to Dr. John Friedman, Associate Professor of Economics at Brown University, discuss his economic analysis of All Aboard Florida on 850 WFTL’s The Joyce Kaufman Show. Dr. Friedman’s analysis has some startling conclusions, including:

  • All Aboard Florida could generate annual losses of up to $100 million
  • AAF could only charge $85 for a ticket from Miami to Orlando in order to remain competitive
  • AAF would have to charge $242 per one-way ticket from Miami to Orlando (given AAF’s estimated ridership numbers) to just break even every year. That’s about $100 more than current airfare prices for the same trip
  • Miami and Orlando are not cities that can easily use and support this type of passenger rail due to urban sprawl and a lack of connecting public transportation

His interview has been posted as a podcast on iTunes. It’s titled Friday 02-20-2015 (Hr. 2).