The Palm Beach Post – Ocean Ridge to Gov. Scott: We’re concerned about All Aboard Florida

Posted on March 10, 2015

By Alex Seltzer


Ocean Ridge plans to send a letter to Gov. Rick Scott and U.S. Department of Transportation officials detailing their concerns about All Aboard Florida.


To read the letter, click here: Letter


Here are some quotes taken from the letter, which was approved to be sent out March 2:
– They are projecting a passenger train every half hour and 32 trains a day between 7AM and 9PM. I doubt anyone believes this is an economically feasible undertaking. One main concern with this schedule is the probability of constant traffic congestion.

– Although there will be additional quiet zones they will only be at the major intersections so the horns will be blowing at all the minor crossings much more often.

– The speed of the trains is a major concern. They are supposed to stay below 80 mph from Palm Beach County south. However, this is still very fast for populated areas. Should there be a derailment at that speed the results will be devestating.

– The consensus is that this is a plot to increase the movement of freight that is anticipated to come through Miami.


“I realize there has not been a large push to stop the project in the three counties. However, the concerns are very real and I believe will, in the long run, outweigh any economic benefit the area may see,” the letter reads. “We believe this project was conceived with profit in mind at the expense of the quality of life in southeast Florida.”

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