CARE FL Statement re: All Aboard Florida Name Change

Posted on November 9, 2015

Today, CARE FL released a statement regarding the name change for All Aboard Florida’s passenger rail service to Brightline. You can read the statement below.

Statement from CARE FL

Regarding All Aboard Florida Name Change


“Today, All Aboard Florida announced a name change in a transparent attempt to distance the enterprise from a growing backlash of citizens who oppose or have serious concerns about the project. This PR move is intended to communicate the impression that All Aboard Florida is a done deal, when in fact, the project is far from finalized.  Citizens Against Rail Expansion believes that this latest attempt to reinvent All Aboard Florida is to substitute a bright new impression of a tarnished project image.

“By any name, All Aboard Florida still puts public safety at risk, jeopardizes access to first responders, adversely impacts antiquated maritime bridges and waterway traffic, and will damage the quality of life we all enjoy.  ‘Brightline,’ ‘Frightline’ or by any other name, it is all the same—it will have a very negative impact on our region.”