The TC Palm: Letter to the Editor: High-speed rail, All Aboard Florida-style, is death wish

Posted on March 30, 2015

“Even the worst rail systems in Europe are superior to the Amtrak-dominated American railroad system,” reports the National Review. “Amtrak’s passengers get injured 58 times as often as those on French railroads.”


All Aboard Florida is planning to run 32 passenger trains per day through Stuart at 110 mph. In addition, increased freight traffic is expected because Miami’s port is expanding facilities to handle more freight after the Panama Canal renovation.


How many people will be killed and injured every year by the 110 mph trains running through Stuart and all the other towns along the proposed ABF route?


There were approximately 2,096 rail crossing accidents in the United States in a recent year. I do not recall any rail crossings when I rode the bullet train in Japan. All the crossings there were overpasses or underpasses.


If All Aboard Florida built overpasses, the carnage could be eliminated. Using rail tracks west of Interstate 95 would be in the best interests of Treasure Coast residents and businesses.


There are over 300 railroad crossings from Miami to Orlando, many without gates. Martin County school buses cross tracks approximately 350 times per day. Thirty-two passenger trains in 12 hours equals one passenger train every 23 minutes. At 110 mph, a train covers a mile in 33 seconds.


People get killed trying to beat trains traveling at 50 mph or less when they have over a minute to get out of the rail crossing. How many more lives do we want to sacrifice so All Aboard Florida has upgraded tracks for the increased freight expected to be shipped from Miami? Hopefully none.


Citizens Against Rail Expansion ( is fighting to derail this project. Check it out and help win this fight.


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