The TC Palm – Letter: All Aboard Florida: How much power can one company have?

Posted on April 2, 2015

Dick Tuschick, Palm City

Letter: All Aboard Florida: How much power can one company have?


It is time for Treasure Coast residents to be outraged at the FEC proposal for All Aboard Florida.

Is implementation of this plan a foregone conclusion? I think not. Since when does any one corporation have the right to use land it owns to harm the safety, well-being and economy of tens of thousands of people?


The proposed high-speed trains and increased rail traffic will pass through hundreds of open road crossings in heavily populated areas, and the tracks between crossings are totally unprotected. Deaths and injuries will result.


Does FEC have a right to put our population at risk? How many lives will have to be sacrificed to support this company?


Why do the municipalities have to pay for railroad crossing safety equipment to protect the citizens from this danger?


The combination of passenger trains and additional freight traffic will effectively shut down marine traffic on the St. Lucie River through Stuart. Does FEC have a right to shut down traffic for the majority of daylight hours on a commercial navigable waterway?


This marine traffic restriction will have a significant negative financial impact to all marine businesses in the area and will reduce property values on the west side of the railroad bridge.


Does anyone have a right to do this kind of financial damage? Are our representatives at the highest level of state and federal government protecting the safety and well-being of the residents of this state? Or are they catering to one large corporation?


Ours is a government for the people by the people, not for the corporation by the corporation. Our Martin County officials certainly understand the impact and are working hard to stop this disaster. I thank them.

Individuals must take action against this proposal and communicate that outrage to Tallahassee and Washington.