The TC Palm: Letter: All Aboard Florida will take Treasure Coast quality of life

Posted on November 9, 2015

Edward Johnston, Hobe Sound

Our “beach sand” is being shipped to Miami and I know why. It is of no use to Martin County anymore because of the trains.

With the addition of 32 high-speed trains passing through our quiet neighborhoods, everyone will decide to go elsewhere for their vacations.

People will be moving away and retirees will search for safer places to relocate. Our doctors and nurses will follow the stampede out of here, and then the restaurants will go.

Property values will diminish, and taxes will have to rise to support the trains that passengers can’t afford to use.

Hence, there’s no need for the sand if there’s no one left to swim and enjoy it.

All of this because All aboard Florida is a greedy, misleading company that doesn’t care about us little people and chooses not to move west where there is little impact to the environment or the infrastructure.

The only good thing I can see from all of this is there will be no sand left for the politicians to stick their heads into when it is time to follow the will and betterment of the people who voted for them.

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