The TC Palm: All Aboard Florida unveils Brightline name, images of colorful new trains

Posted on November 10, 2015

By Lisa Broadt

Miami — The Treasure Coast still could get a train station along the Miami-to-Orlando rail corridor, but it won’t come without “extensive research,” All Aboard Florida’s president said Monday.

Brevard County is in the midst of that process and could be a model for cities here hoping for a stop, Michael Reininger said after a news conference in Miami. Stuart, Fort Pierce and Vero Beach have been mentioned as possible locations for a stop along the 235-mile route.

All Aboard Florida called the news conference to unveil a new name for its high-speed rail service and show off renderings of its trains.

The new service is named Brightline, and its trains will be orange, green, red, blue and pink — behind yellow locomotives. Service between Miami and West Palm Beach is to begin by mid-2017, and extend through the Treasure Coast to Orlando by late 2017.

Reininger called the color scheme warm and inviting and said heralds a new generation of train service.

The Brightline name gives the rail operation an identity apart from All Aboard Florida’s real estate operations. The separate identify is similar to Amtrak’s Acela Express brand.

Treasure Coast Newspapers first reported in March the $3 billion passenger rail project had applied to trademark the names Bright, Bright Line and Bright Rail, according to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records.

In addition to Brightline, other trademarks All Aboard Florida has applied to claim — including MiamiCentral, Tower Up and Gastrohub — would be used for aspects of the company’s planned real estate developments.

As for a Treasure Coast stop, the company has said in the past that the four-station model — Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando — is the most profitable starting point for the project. Yet Reininger on Monday said the company would be “thrilled” to eventually have a stop on the Treasure Coast.

For its part, one of the main All Aboard Florida’s opposition groups — CARE FL — on Monday issued its own news release, calling the name change to Brightline “a transparent attempt to distance the enterprise from a growing backlash of citizens who oppose or have serious concerns about the project” and “a PR move … intended to communicate the impression that All Aboard Florida is a done deal, when in fact, the project is far from finalized.”

CARE said the project “still puts public safety at risk, jeopardizes access to first responders, adversely impacts antiquated maritime bridges and waterway traffic, and will damage the quality of life we all enjoy.”

While many locals still hope to stay the project before work begins on the Treasure Coast — the company faces lawsuits filed by Martin and Indian River counties aimed at stopping construction — some government officials have said it may be time to consider backup plans.

The company on Monday also showed off progress at its MiamiCentral station. Work at MiamiCentral so far has been limited to foundation work, but the company says aboveground construction is to begin soon. Construction is occurring simultaneously with work on the other three stations.

The Rockwell Group — a New York-based architecture and design firm that specializes in luxury hotels, restaurants, casinos and theaters — worked with all Aboard Florida to design the Brightline logo, train exteriors and interior designs of the new stations.

“We want to reinvent the lost pedigree of train travel,” company founder David Rockwell said to the approximately 50 people attendees gathered in a tent erected in the midst of heavy construction equipment on the MiamiCentral site.

Rockwell and Reininger worked on projects together when Reininger was an executive at Disney, and the design group and the rail company have been discussing the project for over four years, according to Rockwell.

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