Saint Peters Blog Sunborn – Anti-train Group Rails Against All Aboard Florida

Posted on April 16, 2015

In a conference call Thursday, the anti-rail group Citizens Against Rail Expansion in Florida inveighed against a plan backed by Gov. Scott to build more rail lines in the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County areas.


Their main bone of contention was a poll conducted by Mason-Dixon, which CARE says offers stark evidence that the public-private deal between the state of Florida and rail giant CSX to add.


“Today’s poll results speak loud and clear: All Aboard Florida is not embraced by residents in the Treasure Coast and North Palm Beach County,” said Brent Hanlon, CARE FL’s treasurer. “Our residents understand what’s at stake if this ill-conceived project manages to go forward: more traffic, more threats to area businesses, and less access to our area hospitals.  With this poll we are telling our elected leader and those who are pushing this project: Slow down and listen to our community.”


The group also emphasized that several state lawmakers are in their corner — and that the ones who aren’t ought to reconsider.


“The residents of the Treasure Coast are standing up for what they believe is a direct threat to our safety and our rights as taxpayers,” said Vero Beach Rep. Debbie Mayfield in a statement.


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