The Sun Sentinel: Letters: Many questions unanswered in rail project

Posted on November 12, 2015

The New River Bridge currently closes up to 14 times per day. All Aboard Florida will add 16 additional closures daily. Bridges that open and close require a lot of maintenance, repair or replacement — particularly one as old as this. First, who will pay for this and secondly how much downtime will be created due to the additional closings?

All Aboard is supposed to be privately financed through bonds, but everyone can see it will not work financially and will be “bailed out” at some point. I have never seen any mention of what the All Aboard executives will be compensated, both in salaries and other perks. All Aboard plans to construct commercial and residential real estate at all the stops. Will that become part of the train operations or spun off so that when All Aboard fails the principals will have their nest eggs?

Lots of questions remain or have never been addressed.

Meanwhile if I decide to go to Orlando, I will drive and get there much sooner.

Richard Harrison, Boca Raton

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