Letter: Good reasons for investors to steer clear of All Aboard Florida

Posted on December 20, 2015

Greg Burke, Vero Beach

The announcement that All Aboard Florida is seeking an extension to its bond- selling deadline may be a testament to the people of the Treasure Coast.

The residents' opposition to the high-speed rail line running directly through communities not designed for such a transportation system may be the reason that the selling of the bonds may be difficult.

Any investor looking objectively at this proposal could only deem that this project could harm the small communities of the Treasure Coast and possibly destroy them for an extended period of time, if not forever.

Those who would be capable of investing in a venture such as All Aboard Florida may be living right here on the Coast.

Could their conscience be guiding their wallet on this investment? One could only hope.

While the seeking of an extension deadline is good news, the citizens of the Treasure Coast should and won't give up the fight against this ill-conceived project.

Others have opined about the environmental impact statement's incompleteness. That and the fact that there are only two high-speed rail systems in the world that are profitable could keep the investors away. Let's hope so.

The Treasure Coast is unique and should be kept that way for as long as the citizens of this area deem so.

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